Let's innovate the financial world together!

Our Future Finance Innovation Program in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Finance calls upon researchers, young professionals, students and startups to develop new approaches or to apply existing solutions, focusing on building and shaping the future of finance. You can work on 5 challenges from established corporations like Sparkasse Bremen, BHW Bausparkasse, LBBW, Hamburg Commercial Bank and Santander.

By offering prize money, collaboration programs, exclusive events and an onsite final event in Berlin, our program will enable you to give your career, your solution, or your startup the boost it deserves.

€ 25.000

prize pool & invaluable opportunities


industry-leading partners

July 30, 2023

deadline to participate



Our Challenges

Participation is based on concrete and real problems of companies and organizations. Choose one of the challenges listed below.

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Innovating customer experience for long-term financial contracts

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Modulr Design & Unicorn Makers!

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Digitalize High-Volume Project Financing with HCOB

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Genesys and Pega & adesso SE!

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Accelerate Impact Investing with Blockchain-based dApps

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to 51nodes & Blocksquare!

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Omnichannel in Banking: Enhanced Customer Experience Across All Channels

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to CognitX & Azron!

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Next Level Banking with GPT

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to PPI AI Wizard!




The Future Finance Innovation Program is initialized together with the Federal Ministry of Finance and under the patronage of the German Finance Minister.

"I am delighted to have the honour of becoming patron of this "incubator of opportunities"." - Christian Lindner


In our FAQ you can find the most important questions at a glance.

How does the challenge process look like and why?
Is there any criteria on who can participate?
How mature must the approach be?
For everyone who is developing a totally new solution concept:
For Startups:
Is my participation binding?
What happens after the first deadline?
Questions or looking for team members?
How to create an account on our platform and how to set it up?
How to participate in a challenge and submit my idea?

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