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Guardians of Health: Crafting the Future of Dread Disease Support

Join the leading German Insurance Provider, Hallesche! We're on a quest for groundbreaking solutions that offer more than just financial support for dread diseases such as cancer, heart attack, or dementia: How can we support affected persons and their relatives with data-driven prevention, diagnostics, (digital) care & support services, or other novel solutions? Your innovation could pave the way for impactful partnerships with Hallesche to accelerate your growth and reach!

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  • ūüŹÜ  Rewards
    Funded co-creation, strategic partnerships, pilot projects & long-term integration
  • ūüēĎ  Deadline
    Jul 9, 2024, 9:59:00 PM
  • ūüĆé Scope

    Global - great opportunity especially for startups, companies, or researchers.

  • ūüí° Questions

    If you have questions, feel free to join our Q&A calls

Opportunity Areas
Knowledge Base
Outcome & Opportunities

Problem statement 

Dread diseases like cancer, stroke, and dementia pose not only a health threat but also a significant emotional and bureaucratic challenge for patients and their families. Hallesche is seeking innovative solutions that go beyond traditional coverage and instead integrate advanced medical diagnostics, preventative measures, and comprehensive support services. Whether it's aiding with bureaucracy, providing counseling, or delivering medical insights, your solution could offer a new kind of security in the face of severe illness.  

Your task 

Key Question: Which innovative solution can support customers and their relatives in the context of dread diseases? 

Showcase your solution and unlock win-win opportunities! Participate to forge a strong partnership with Hallesche, potentially gaining access to their extensive client base and network. Simultaneously, your solution enhances Hallesche's offerings and helps them to deliver even better insurance and support surrounding dread diseases. 

Key Guidelines and Specifications: 

Under the tab Knowledge base below you will find more detailed information regarding the following Guidelines and Specifications. 

  1. Innovation and Value: Solutions should introduce novel approaches, addressing one of the three opportunity areas: diagnostic and preventative measures, patient and family support and service integration (see Tab ‚ÄúOpportunity Areas‚ÄĚ) or the related megatrends: data-based prevention & prediction, Patient-centered care and Telehealth (see tab ‚ÄúKnowledge Base‚ÄĚ)
  2. User-Centric Design: The solution must cater to individuals fearing the onset of dread diseases and their families, offering tangible, supportive benefits. Importantly, solutions need to be comfortable and easy-to-use, in line with the needs of customers. 
  3. Customer need validation: Showcase and proof how your solution addresses the actual needs of individuals and families facing dread diseases, Demonstrating practical applicability and usability in real-world scenarios is essential. 
  4. Functional Prototype: Deliver a first tangible, working prototype during the qualification phase that goes beyond theoretical ideas and can be further developed in an insurance environment. 
  5. Market Viability & Compliance: While innovation is key, the solution must also demonstrate potential for market acceptance. The solution has to adhere to current data protection laws & regulation in Germany   
  6. Scientific Foundation: Proposals should leverage e.g. the latest in medical diagnostics to predict or manage dread diseases, ensuring a solid scientific basis. 

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