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Our INNOVATE2030 open innovation program calls upon researchers, young professionals, students and startups to develop new approaches or to apply existing solutions in order to create impactful innovation. Collaborate closely with leading companies like Boehringer Ingelheim, Rossmann, SOLARIMO and a major swiss watch manufacturer.

Do you want to be involved in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals? Take the chance and work on real-life problems that not only bring in prize money, but also real partnership models, investments and pilot projects.

Check out the challenges and create real impact - together.


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Industry-leading partners

September 27, 2023

Participation deadline



Our Challenges

Participation is based on concrete and real problems of companies and organizations. Choose one of the challenges listed below.

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Generative AI as a personal agent for knowledge management processes

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Future Retail: Innovative Customer Journey

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Innovative Solutions for Extended Life of PV Modules

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Zero-waste Electroplating: Transforming the Chemistry of Silver Coating for a Sustainable Watch Industry




The INNOVATE2030 program is jointly initiated by ekipa and the german federal environmental agency. Ekipa is the open innovation incubator - we bring together people, industries and organizations across all boundaries to encourage positive change together through sustainable, future-oriented innovations.


In our FAQ you can find the most important questions at a glance.

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Completed INNOVATE2030 Challenges

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Future of smart inventory for turbine components

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Team UW ENVIR 480 Turbines!

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Enabling green transition

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to team Collaect!

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Connected & Sustainable Urban Mobility

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to DASHFACTORY for winning the Challenge!

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