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Future Retail: Innovative Customer Journey

Tired of waiting in line? Then this challenge is for you! Get ready to revolutionize the check-in & check-out experience within a holistic store concept and create seamless shopping encounters.

Explore how Rossmann can enhance the user experience while outsmarting demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers – join us in shaping the future of retail!
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    EUR 3,000 prize pool + versatile collaboration models
  • 🌎 Scope

    Open to students, researchers, industry experts as well as startups & companies

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  • 🌱 Innovate 2030 All SDGs

    This challenge is part of the Innovate 2030 program

Solution Guidance

Here you can read more about the challenge.

Check-In & Check-Out

The checkout process is often the biggest pain point for customers while shopping.

At the same time, the retail landscape undergoes demographic change and faces challenges related to a nationwide shortage of skilled workers, making it crucial to find solutions that optimize the check-in & check-out process.

Within this innovation challenge, we are seeking alternative concepts that not only enhance the user experience for Rossmann´s customers, but also address the challenges that come with demographic change. We want to redefine the check-in- & check-out process for the store of the future to align with customers' expectations and deliver an exceptional innovative user experience. For that, we invite you to think beyond mere systems and be creative!

Challenge and Key-Question

The goal of this challenge is to generate innovative ideas and concepts for the check-in and check-out areas within a holistic store concept in terms of the check-in and -out process, taking into account the specific requirements and considerations of Rossmann.

Key Question: How can we innovate and optimize the check-in- & check-out experience within a holistic store concept to create a seamless and delightful customer journey for Rossmann's customers while considering the challenges of demographic change and skill shortage?

Note: Please prioritize optimizing the in-store experience and Point of Sale (PoS), while also exploring the potential benefits of integrating online solutions as a hybrid approach.

On the way to a holistic concept, you are invited to focus on either (1) Check-In, (2) Check-Out or address both of them as a (3) Holistic Concept upfront. Most important for this challenge is, that you select a topic you are passionate about.

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