Let's create ONE holistic health together!

The HealthTech Innovation Program calls upon researchers, young professionals, students and startups to develop new approaches or to apply existing solutions in order to build a sustainable & digital healthcare together.

Collaborate with innovative healthcare companies to improve people's health and lives.

By delivering funded co-creation, collaboration programs & exclusive events we would like to uplift your approach, solution or startup into the right direction. Check out our challenges and join now to create a brighter, healthier & ONE holistic future of health!


The HealthTech program is initiated by ekipa, the open innovation incubator - we bring together people, industries and organizations across all boundaries to encourage positive change together through sustainable, future-oriented innovations.


In our FAQ you can find the most important questions at a glance.

How does the challenge process look like and why?
Is there any criteria on who can participate?
How mature must the approach be?
For everyone who is developing a totally new solution concept:
For Startups
Is my participation binding?
What happens after the first deadline?
Questions or looking for team members?
How to create an account on our platform and how to set it up?
How to participate in a challenge and submit my idea?

Completed HealthTech Challenges

The HealthTech program is a recurring project, that presents new challenges every year. Here you will find an overview of previous challenges that have already been completed. 

health-getinge's provider logo

Drive Transformation towards a Patient-Centric Approach

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Human Digital Twin and Ohospital

health-ikkclassic's provider logo

Digital Healthcare Concierge as a Service

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to BetterDoc Innovation Lab & AIDY

health-generali's provider logo

Scale up the Fight against Chronic Diseases

✅ Challenge completed

health-bayer's provider logo

Beat the Heat: Leveraging Scientific and Technological Solutions to Protect Vulnerable Populations

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to TechVariable & Mode Sensors for winning the Challenge!

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