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Digital Healthcare Concierge as a Service

The healthcare system is very complex with numerous different actors, needs and interests. On one side there is a lack of holistic approaches to bundle everything. One the other side there is a lack of individual solutions for special needs of patients a/o stakeholders. Insurance companies have the most demanding task here: coordinate, connect, and deliver everything. Digital technologies offer great opportunities to meet all these Challenges. IKK Classic is looking for all-embracing, holistic, OR special individual solutions.

Let's improve the quality of health care together! “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”. Welcome to the glory!

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    International - open to participants from all over the world

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About IKK Classic

This Challenge is part of the HealthTech Innovation Program - click here to find out more.

Digital Healthcare Concierge

Effective and patient-centered healthcare is the core responsibility of the entire healthcare sector. Starting with an optimal insurance portfolio up to appropriate care plans and the right specialists - this responsibility is shared by multiple actors. Due to the lack of cross-sectoral communication and information management channels for all relevant actors in this network, the quality of care often suffers, knowledge is lost, and this also complicates resource planning and management. Another challenge is the customer demand for comprehensive solutions to access the services and information they are looking for as efficiently as possible - but also the possibility to improve the overall customer health care through such solutions.


Digital technologies offer a wide range of possibilities to address these challenges. Solutions such as cross-sectoral communication platforms to digital assistance systems for customers can fill these communication gaps between the different actors and significantly increase the quality of the entire patient journey and even revolutionize the fundamental perspective and expectations regarding the healthcare system. In this context, we pursue the goal that the digital concierge and its multitude of application possibilities become an assistance service for all healthcare stakeholders.



Among all healthcare actors, insurance companies have one of the most challenging administrative tasks: on the one hand, they must coordinate and interconnect multiple stakeholders. On the other hand, they face the increasing necessity of transforming classic services into more individualized, personalized as well as autonomous and informative user journey.

Health insurers must redefine their role and take more responsibility for quality of healthcare. Our progressively digitalized environment opens new possibilities to efficiently master and improve these tasks – and that’s why IKK classic wants to join forces with you!


How can digital concierge solutions help improve the healthcare sector? Which digital application or cutting-edge technology can help?

For this challenge, you can choose to develop the solution in several directions: on the one hand, we are looking for holistic approaches to connect the various stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and on the other hand, we want to identify individual approaches and use cases to address the individual needs of specific stakeholders.


To give you further inspiration we have defined the following Opportunity Areas:

Cross Sector Stakeholder Management

The entire network of relevant health care actors is very complex and there is a lack of holistic approaches to interlink them efficiently. In this context, it is important to identify the areas where communication is most deficient and to develop solutions to optimize the coordination and alignment between the different stakeholders. Each of them holds relevant knowledge that is supposed to efficiently reach another sector - whether it is data on care providers, patient data, invoicing, or medical care management.

Therefore, in this track we are looking for holistic approaches for achieving sustainable interconnection of relevant health care providers at different levels.


Digital Healthcare Assistant

Evolving customer needs require more personalized services and quick and reliable access to the information they need. The strongest approaches are therefore individual solutions or services bundled into all-in-one applications, allowing the customer to access all important services via a mobile app.

A digital healthcare concierge that can satisfy as many customer segments as possible. The aim is to identify the application areas that are particularly relevant - whether it is navigation through the IKK services or individual areas such as prevention measures, personalized patient solutions, recovery support, health plans or other digital health management solutions. How can these diverse needs be bundled into one platform? Alternatively, you can identify and design individual implementable solutions and approaches for a digital concierge.



If you feel that your solution also addresses the challenges mentioned earlier, but does not fit into any other thematic focus, you can submit your idea under the Creativity Opportunity.

More inspiring input can be found in the tab “Important details” as well as “Submission”.

Questions or looking for support?

If you want to talk to someone from our team about your approaches, you need more information or questions arise, you are welcome to join our Q&A call with our project manager (submission) or write to us anytime via the chat on this platform to your right.

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