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Digital Healthcare Concierge as a Service

The healthcare system is very complex with numerous different actors, needs and interests. On one side there is a lack of holistic approaches to bundle everything. One the other side there is a lack of individual solutions for special needs of patients a/o stakeholders. Insurance companies have the most demanding task here: coordinate, connect, and deliver everything. Digital technologies offer great opportunities to meet all these Challenges. IKK Classic is looking for all-embracing, holistic, OR special individual solutions.

Let's improve the quality of health care together! “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”. Welcome to the glory!

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  • ✅ Challenge completed
  • 🏁 Winner
    Congratulations to BetterDoc Innovation Lab & AIDY
  • 🏆  Rewards
    EUR 5,000 per Challenge + collaboration with IKK Classic and other program partners + joint Publication
  • 🌎 Scope

    International - open to participants from all over the world

Important details
About IKK Classic

Submission Template

For the participation within the HealthTech innovation program, a common submission template is available. This template will help you to structure your ideas and approaches and to find answers to all relevant questions.

The Submission Template is mandatory to submit.

 In addition to this submission template, you will find specific requirements and guiding questions for your use case in the "Guiding Questions" section down below.

You can also complement your submission with prototypes, pitch decks, image and video materials, higher-level concepts, or specific use case-related instruments – simply submit these documents along with the submission template via our platform.

Q&A Call

If you have any questions regarding the challenge you are welcome to join our Q&A Call every Thursday from 4:00 - 4:30 pm (CEST). Click here to join during the scheduled time of the meeting.


Guiding Questions

This Challenge is calling for the most innovative digital solutions or use cases of existing digital solutions that support the IKK in establishing a sustainable framework for the development of a digital healthcare concierge.


The following guiding questions are for your inspiration, and it is not mandatory to answer all of them:


Cross Sector Stakeholder Management

  • How can a common platform/network be created?
  • What is needed for cross-sectoral cooperation?
  • How to ensure the digital collaboration among the relevant stakeholders in the healthcare sector centered around the health insurance companies as the coordinating agent to ensure efficient quality management across the entire health care value chain?
  • How can multi-sectoral stakeholders' knowledge be bundled and managed in one system to ensure maximal efficiency in the delivery of services to clients?
  • How could we combine a/o unite the two tasks efficiently and develop a strategy to satisfy stakeholders and patients in one go?
  • How can we identify the needs of stakeholders better and provide a solution promptly?
  • What individual challenges in knowledge management between the individual actors in the healthcare value chain can be identified?
  • Which technological solution enables the overarching interconnection of relevant actors in the health sector?
  • Based on which data structures is such a solution built?
  • How can seamless and efficient communication be ensured?
  • How can the transformation of communication and knowledge structures be used to improve the delivery of healthcare services?

Digital Healthcare Assistant

  • Which client application or platform would provide an optimal user experience and offer a digital assistance to seamlessly navigate through the health services as well as access the necessary knowledge to identify the relevant medical providers and contacts or to identify an optimal care pathway for specific health conditions?
  • How can the existing IKK offers be successfully integrated into this service platform - from telemedicine services to specific health knowledge like fitness helper or health plans?
  • How can we center patients’ diverse needs on one platform and provide a high-quality healthcare?
  • Which digital application or cutting-edge technology can help to realize the tasks?
  • What does the architecture of such a solution look like and what interaction options are there for customers?
  • What needs and counseling services are particularly relevant for the digital customer?
  • Which individual applications can address relevant problems and needs of customers?
  • Which solutions can be implemented to make medical care more individualized, efficient and customer-oriented?
  • How can we convince the largest target group of patients – people aged over 60 – to use digital formats?

Criteria & guidelines

Which approaches are promising?

  • The insured person and his or her needs are the centre of attention
  • Creating transformative products and optimizing of processes
  • Creating networks/platforms for joint value creation
  • Processes based on the concept of lean management
  • Unified + comprehensible quality management

Legal requirements:

  • Intersectoral cooperation should be a basic requirement and obligatory for everybody
  • Health in All Policies (HiAP) should take effect and health aspects should be implemented in the policy area in the long-term

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