Let's shape the future of AI together!  

Our AI & Data Science Innovation Program calls upon researchers, professionals, students as well as startups and innovative companies with the most innovative corporates to push your career, research or venture to the next level.

The best teams and concepts will get access to funded co-creation opportunities, partnership & funding programs as well as exclusive events.


The AI & Data Science Innovation Program is initialized together with KI Park.

"We accelerate AI innovations 'made in Germany and Europe' with the goal of making Germany and the EU a globally leading innovation hub for AI by 2030."


Success Stories

ai-almi's provider logo

Venture Capital meets AI

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Sircular & Vestberrians!

ai-apg's provider logo

A personalized pension guide with AI

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Jaden Data & 26 Stats!

ai-3dmodelling's provider logo

Visual Intelligence and 3D-Modelling for next-level Retail

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to VRee AI & Trillion Technology!

ai-bmw's provider logo

Joyful Diversity with AI

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Bias Busters & X-Force!

ai-for-sustainability-dentons's provider logo

Accelerating ESG-related legal research technology

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Legal Tech 4 Real & UE Innovators!

ai-fraport's provider logo

Accelerating Cyber Intelligence

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to Tokyo AI & Protos Labs!

ai-sixt's provider logo

The Future of Smart Fleet Planning

✅ Challenge completed

Congratulations to A.S. & Eol Robotics!


In our FAQ you can find the most important questions at a glance.

How does the challenge process look like and why?
Is there any criteria on who can participate?
How mature must the approach be?
Is my participation binding?
Do you have any questions or uncertainties?
Are you looking for team members?
How to create an account on our platform and how to set it up?
How to participate in a challenge and submit my idea?

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