Let's innovate future materials together!

We want you! Our innovation program calls upon researchers, professionals, students as well as startups and innovative companies to develop new approaches or to apply existing solutions for 3 real-world challenges from our major partners Aliaxis, Knauf and Würth.

By offering prize moneycollaboration & funding programs and exclusive events, our program will enable you to give your career, your solution, or your company the boost it deserves.


prize pool & invaluable opportunities


industry-leading partners

December 19, 2023

deadline to participate






In our FAQ you can find the most important questions at a glance.

How do I participate?
What are my options to participate?
We are a Startup – can we also participate?
How mature must the approach be?
For everyone who is just developing a solution concept:
For Startups:
How to create an account on our platform and how to set it up?
How to participate in a challenge and submit my idea?
Is there any criteria on who can participate?
Is my participation binding?
What happens after the first deadline?
Questions or looking for team members?

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