Innovate2030 | SDG 12

What does the sustainable Europe of the future look like?
Develop innovative concepts and ideas based on 8 real-world Challenges faced by our partners in the first round of the Innovate2030 Challenge – SDG12: Digital Natives for Sustainable Consumption and Production!

This challenge has already ended.
Congratulations to the teams Ommatidio, Mission BSH, UK-Poland Group, Marea, SCI Automation, W06, XTEND and Olympus for your extraordinary solutions and winning the Innovate2030-Challenge.

Challenge Provider

These companies have provided, as part of Innovate 2030 - SDG 12, eight different Challenges.


Use Cases

The participation in the Innovate2030 - Challenge takes place based on concrete and real problem definitions of companies and organizations. Select one of the Use Cases listed below.

sdg12-duisport's provider logo

Innovate export packing

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to the UK-Poland Group!

sdg12-qvc's provider logo

Inspire a more sustainable way to retail

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Team Xtraction!

sdg12-kion's provider logo

Re-think pallet securing

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to SciAutomations!

sdg12-wmf's provider logo

Sustainalize products with WMF

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Team Care - Pre-rinse Free Wash!

sdg12-bell's provider logo

New mobility with autonomous drones

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Team ommatidio!

sdg12-gropper's provider logo

Rethink packaging for liquid and pasty food 

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Team Marea!

sdg12-bsh's provider logo

Rethink logistics for take-back systems

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Team Mission BSH!

sdg12-swarovski's provider logo

Think circular together with Swarovski

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Team XTEND!

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