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Sustainalize products with WMF

Everyday products quite often get forgotten when thinking about innovating our surroundings to establish a more sustainable future. With WMF you can try to establish new innovative designs and lifecycles for kitchen products like dishes, pans and co being perfectly sustainable.

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  • ūüŹĀ Winner
    Congrats to Team Care - Pre-rinse Free Wash!
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    20,000 ‚ā¨ prize pool prize pool in the Innovate2030 project + joint publication with all stakeholders + chance for further cooperation with WMF
Important details
About WMF
Design Thinking

This use case is part of the Innovate2030 Challenge

Status Quo

A lot of products we produce and use every day seem to be a given thing. They are one of the last things we consider while thinking about innovating our surroundings for a more sustainable future.

Some of these products have issues regarding their environmental impact ‚Äď they are not easy to maintain, recycle or dispose. This is also true for products we use in our kitchen to cook, bake or eat.

In order to make such products more sustainable with a long-lasting impact, many things have to be taken into account - in addition to the quality requirements for functionality and aesthetics, this also includes issues such as the manufacturing effort, materials, storage effort, recyclability and use case after initial utilization.


Key question

As a major manufacturer of products for everyday kitchen use, WMF can set new standards in the market for kitchen products and their ecological impact.

Together with WMF you can explore this exciting topic and try to use new possibilities in technology and digitalization to innovate new products and their life cycles.

This leads us to the following key question for this use case:

  • How will the perfectly sustainable and high quality non-electrical WMF product of the future look like? How can we make it as sustainable as possible along its whole lifecycle?

To design a future product of everyday, non-electrical kitchen products like dishes, pans, pots, knives and so on in a perfectly sustainable way, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do maintenance/disposal/recycling concepts look like in the digital future? How can we already think aspects like maintenance/disposal/recycling while designing the product?
  • How can advantages of the digitization and the upcoming Internet of Things era be used for the good?

For further information about the product range for this challenge, check out the section Product categories

Potential Impact

  • Extension of product lifespan
  • More recyclable everyday kitchen products
  • More sustainable future
  • Including IoT for the good

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