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Rethink packaging for liquid and pasty food 

The amount of harmful plastic being produced per year is skyrocketing. One third of it is used for packaging reasons. Together with Gropper you can find innovative solutions to find innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for liquid and pasty food products.

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This use case is part of the Innovate2030 Challenge

Status Quo

Mass plastic production started in the 1950. Till 2016 more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced ‚Äď more than half of it within the 21st century. More than 6.3 billion became trash, out of which we recycled barely 9%, burnt 12% and 79% have been dumped in landfills.

Researchers warn us frequently about its negative impact on our environment. The release of toxic gas while being burnt; the endangerment of marine life due to waste dumping in the oceans; the list goes on.

One of the biggest problems is that the plastics we are using mostly today is nearly not recyclable and difficult to sustainable dispose.

Packaging plastic makes one third of all plastic being consumed in Germany. Hence trying to rethink the usage of ordinary plastic for packaging, its negative ecological footprint could be reduced by quite a bit.

While the plastic packaging can easily be reduced for some products for others it is more complicated. For example: liquid and pasty food products.

Liquid and pasty food products have various qualities, use by lifespans and overall criteria to be regarded while designing their packaging.
To find and develop innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for liquid and pasty food products, a lot of properties must be considered


Key question

You can tackle this difficult task together with Gropper, trying to find a solution for a more sustainable way of packaging liquid and pasty food products.
Help Gropper on their way to reduce their ecological footprint through innovating their way of packaging liquid and pasty food products. Develop improvements as well as completely new forms of packaging.

This leads us to the key questions for this challenge:

  • How could the future packaging of liquid and pasty food products look like? What materials will they be made of?
  • Can you design a more sustainable packaging solution than the traditional plastic-based methods being used right now?

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