Innovate2030 | SDG 11

Do you have a digital idea or solution to make cities and communities climate-smarter and more sustainable? 

Apply and participate to receive funding, mentoring and access to key players and networks in business, academia, science, and politics. You can either submit a digital solution you’re already working on and want to apply to a specific Challenge or submit a scalable idea you believe has the potential to make cities more climate-smart.

This program is already in it's Elaboration Phase. Participation for new teams is no longer possible.


Innovate2030-SDG11 is jointly initialized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and its new lab for digital innovations – digilab –in collaboration with the Make-IT Alliance.


In collaboration with



We’ve partnered up with institutions and global businesses in search of game changing ideas and to support innovative solutions in scaling and implementing their ideas in an urban context.
Now the selection has been made and the final teams have been determined for each of the 7 challenges.

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Digitize Rural-Urban Agriculture

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to CABI for winning the Challenge!

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Connected & Sustainable Urban Mobility

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to DASHFACTORY for winning the Challenge!

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Digital4Climate – The Move towards a Circular Economy

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to BANANA PACKAGING TEAM for winning the Challenge and the overall innovation program!

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Digital4Climate – Enhancing Climate Resilience

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to CIUrb for winning the Challenge!

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Digital4Climate – Transformative Climate Actions

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to for winning the Challenge!

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Building a Smart and Waste-Free Destination

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to Multiverz for winning the Challenge!

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Urban Green Recovery

✅ Challenge completed

Congrats to RefresherBoxx for winning the Challenge!


In our FAQ you can find the most important questions at a glance.

What is Innovate2030?
What does the timeline look like?
What is the goal of the program?
How do I participate?
What are my options to participate?
How mature must the approach be?
What happens with the IP of my solution?

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