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Digital4Climate – Enhancing Climate Resilience

How can digital solutions improve the resilience of cities and local communities to climate change? How can we enhance climate resilience for example by promoting data- and community-based decision-making, risk warning systems, or risk management? Team up with the European Commission and the UNFCCC and help to build our sustainable future.

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    EUR 3,000 per Challenge + funding programs with the European Commission and UNFCCC + joint publication | For more see Tab “Rewards”
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    Open to participants from all over the world

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Improving climate resilience

The current unsustainable use of the Earth natural resources is causing tremendous harm to people’s livelihoods, destroying infrastructure, droughts, rising sea levels and having a significant negative impact on the global economy.

Severe climate disasters around the world in 2021 show that we already must face massive impacts due to climate change today. The faster the climate changes and the longer adaptation measures are postponed, the more difficult, harmful, and expensive it will become in the long run.

Adaptation solutions must be developed, and measures implemented to respond to climate change impacts that are already occurring as well as to prepare for future impacts.

And cities and local communities play a critical role in supporting citizens and infrastructure to better adapt to climate change and enhance the overall resilience.

The European Commission and the UNFCCC are challenging you to come up with innovative digital solutions that enhance the resilience of local communities and citizens to climate change.


Innovative digital solutions can be crucial for example in improving awareness of climate change impacts, enhancing community-based resilience measures, or supporting more systematic changes that lead to better disaster mitigation and greater resilience to the negative impacts of climate change. 

How can digital solutions improve the resilience of cities and local communities to climate change?

  • How can we use improved data-driven decision making to build up capacities and strengthen resilience?
  • How can we enhance community engagement and support community-based disaster preparedness and mitigation programs?
  • How can we improve the identification of existing risks to prepare adaption solutions?
  • How can we enhance the resilience of key urban and social infrastructures?

The scope of this project is deliberately broad, and you have a vast playing field to answer the key question above.  More inspiring input can be found in the tab “Important details” as well as “Submission”.

Innovate2030 – SDG11

This Challenge is part of the Innovate2030-SDG11 Innovation Program. The program is jointly initialized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and its new lab for digital innovations – digilab – in collaboration with the Make-IT Alliance.


Questions or looking for support?

If you want to talk to someone from our team about your approaches, you need more information or questions arise, you are welcome to book a Q&A call with our project manager Nico or write to us anytime via the chat on this platform to your right.


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