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Code Green: RWE's Green Tech Challenge

Unleash the potential of your tech skills to drive sustainability! RWE Renewables is on a quest for tech enthusiasts who are ready to blend their passion for software development with a commitment to renewable energy. Join the RWE #CodeGreen challenge and develop a first prototype or concept to monitor/ optimize energy consumption of RWEs tech stack. Dive into the world of RWE and stand a chance to kickstart your career with exciting job opportunities waiting for you!
Deadline: August 16, 2024 (11:59PM)

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  • 🏆  Rewards
    Prize money of 1.000€ + career opportunities at RWE Renewables
  • đź•‘  Deadline
    Aug 16, 2024, 9:59:00 AM
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  • đź’ˇ Questions

    If you have questions you are welcome to address those in our Q&A Calls

Who can take part?
How can you take part?
Knowledge Base

The Challenge

In the era of digital transformation, RWE Renewables is dedicated to sustainable growth under their "Growing Green" strategy, which reflects their overarching commitment - 'Their Energy for a Sustainable Life.' This commitment extends beyond physical assets to encompass their digital operations, where they are seeking innovative ways to enhance software efficiency. As they expand their green and renewable assets, the energy consumption of their software applications, development processes, and hosting environments has emerged as a crucial focus area. Thus, as RWE Renewables commits to a greener future, the challenge at hand is to innovate in the realm of software efficiency by optimizing the energy consumption of its software applications. RWE calls on innovators to delve into its application portfolio, analyze its energy usage against industry benchmarks, and devise cutting-edge strategies or tools to continuously enhance energy efficiency. These efforts are integral to setting new standards for sustainable software development, demonstrating how digital solutions can support RWEs ambitious environmental goals.

Your Task

  • Take a look at RWEs tech stack portfolio (see Knowledge Base) and focus on developing a concept or a tool/software application that helps measure and visualize the energy consumption of codes and applications to identify opportunities to improve energy consumption
  • Find more detailed information and criteria in the tab "How can you take part?"

You are encouraged to think broadly and innovatively to develop a comprehensive concept or working prototype that reshapes energy utilization.


The following aspects can be considered, but are not mandatory:

  • Business Case: Can RWE not only reduce its carbon footprint but also achieve tangible savings through smarter energy use? Build a business case by delving into the financial allure of energy-efficient development by examining whether sustainable practices can also boost RWE Renewables' bottom line. This exploration isn't just about conserving energy—it's about uncovering the economic benefits that accompany thoughtful resource utilization.
  • Exploratory Simulation: Embark on a captivating journey to compare the energy dynamics of On-Prem Data Centers against Azure Cloud environments with a Kubernetes focus.

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