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Code Green: RWE's Green Tech Challenge

Unleash the potential of your tech skills to drive sustainability! RWE Renewables is on a quest for tech enthusiasts who are ready to blend their passion for software development with a commitment to renewable energy. Join the RWE #CodeGreen challenge and develop a first prototype or concept to monitor/ optimize energy consumption of RWEs tech stack. Dive into the world of RWE and stand a chance to kickstart your career with exciting job opportunities waiting for you!
Deadline: August 16, 2024 (11:59PM)

#RWEChallenge #RenewableEnergy #FutureMakers

  • 🏆  Rewards
    Prize money of 1.000€ + career opportunities at RWE Renewables
  • đź•‘  Deadline
    Aug 16, 2024, 9:59:00 AM
  • 🌎 Scope


  • đź’ˇ Questions

    If you have questions you are welcome to address those in our Q&A Calls

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Knowledge Base

Currently, RWE’s operations, maintenance, and development efforts are focused on a diverse portfolio of over 50 custom-built applications. These applications leverage cutting-edge technology stack, including but not limited to:

  • C#
  • TypeScript (NodeJS & React)
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Azure SQL

RWE’s applications find their home in their own App Platform and Data Platform, running on Azure Cloud Environment, providing them with the flexibility and control they need over their digital resources. To ensure optimal performance and security, they utilize advanced monitoring tools such as Grafana's LGTM stack, and Open Telemetry, thus maintaining a pulse on their applications' health and efficiency.

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