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Innovative Solutions for Extended Life of PV Modules

Millions of photovoltaic modules are going to reach the end of their proposed lifespan in close or midterm future, but many are still functional. You are challenged to come up with innovative solutions to evaluate the functionality of these modules and propose concepts for a second life- or re-use. Join forces with SOLARIMO to improve the efficiency and lifetime of PV modules and build a more circular energy industry.

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  • ūüŹÜ  Rewards
    EUR 3,000 prize pool + customer testing + potential distribution partnership and investments
  • ūüēĎ  Deadline
    Sep 27, 2023, 9:59:00 PM
  • ūüĆé Scope

    Global with focus on the regulations of the German market within solution development

  • ‚Ěď Q&A Call
  • ūüĆĪ Innovate 2030 All SDGs

    This challenge is part of the Innovate 2030 program

Important details
Opportunity Areas
Knowledge Base

This Challenge targets three Opportunity Areas, which can be addressed either as a holistic approach or independently.

Functionality Review

Participants are invited to propose efficient and innovative technologies that help evaluate the functionality of PV modules that have already reached the end of their predicted lifetime. The focus should be on developing and implementing cost-effective and reliable technologies to ensure efficient evaluation.

Thereby you can think of concepts that can already be considered and implemented during the initial installation or during annual service, like sensor technologies and continuous monitoring, but also of suitable technologies that can be used to measure the functionality afterwards, like performance-tests, non-destructive tests and data analysis.

Additional information: currently the contact points take place once a year during maintenance.

Download the PDF to get inspiring guiding questions.

Second-Life Business Case

We need innovative concepts & new business cases to be able to reuse PV modules after the end of their first life cycle and thus contribute to the circular economy.

Participants are invited to propose holistic solutions to identify the best case for the second life of the PV-modules: Who will bear the costs (esp. performance tests, disassembly, separation, storage and transportation) for the second lifetime of the PV modules: the original installer and buyer of the modules or the new buyer? Can we develop a case that takes into account the sustainability efforts of the initial purchasers?

Download the PDF to get inspiring guiding questions.

Second-Life Process Chain

Once a business model has been defined, the entire process chain including performance check, selection/distinction, dismantling, storage, delivery, and installation of the initial modules to their new "home" must be elaborated.

A major challenge in this chain is to optimize the individual steps to reduce waste and increase efficiency. This requires a comprehensive mapping of the entire process, identification of bottlenecks and implementation of solutions to overcome them.

Download the PDF to get inspiring guiding questions.

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