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Accelerate Impact Investing with Blockchain-based dApps

Join our challenge to develop a user-friendly dApp that enables investors to discover, invest in, and trade sustainable assets while ensuring transparency and accountability. Partner with LBBW and leverage the SWIAT-platform to create a novel offering that addresses the growing demand for impactful investing.

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  • ‚úÖ Challenge completed
  • ūüŹĀ Winner
    Congratulations to 51nodes & Blocksquare!
  • ūüŹÜ  Rewards
    EUR 5,000 prize pool + partnering or potential investment after the challenge
  • ūüĆé Scope

    Open to startups & companies, students, researchers or experts that can imagine building a new venture.

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  • ūü™ô Future Finance

    This challenge is part of the Future Finance Program

The Challenge
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Guiding content

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Impact Investing

To deliver the necessary transition to a low-carbon, more resource-efficient and sustainable economy, major investments are necessary.

But the growing number of possible investors require not only financial returns, but also a high level of transparency and accountability needed to ensure that investments are achieving both financial and impact goals.

Blockchain is supposed to be a transparency machine in which Blockchain-based decentralized applications, or dApps, offer a promising solution here: Through its encryption and control mechanisms, blockchain safeguards transparency by storing information in such a way that it cannot be altered without recording the changes made.  Moreover, blockchain and dApps enable access to impact investing approaches which have not been accessible to broad investor groups so far.

SWIAT (Secure Worldwide Interbank Asset Transfer) is a blockchain-based financial market infrastructure for digital and traditional assets from and for regulated financial entities, which makes it a highly suitable platform to build on. LBBW, as one of the owners and users of SWIAT, is greatly interested in offering impact investing through the platform. Now we need you!

Partner-up with LBBW to design or apply your innovative dApp-solution to take impact investing to the next level!


The key challenge is: How can we develop a user-friendly and secure dApp that enables investors to discover, invest in, and trade sustainable assets while ensuring transparency and accountability?

Note: we don't need a fully up-and-running, holistic solution in the first phase. The process to get there is twofold and matched to our challenge-process (see Timeline):

  1. Develop a suitable concept, first prototype or showcase an existing solution that meets all the criteria provided.
  2. Building a functional investment dApp using SWIAT together with LBBW starting from the collaboration-phase and ongoing

To help you build your first phase submission we also designed a three-step approach, which is outlined in ‚ÄúGuiding content‚ÄĚ tab.

Target group

As a potential long-term-partner and financial innovation-powerhouse, LBBW offers a unique opportunity for finalists to collaborate, bring ideas to life or accelerate together existing solutions.

This challenge is therefore open to startups, companies, student founders, researchers, and industry experts who are interested in building financial dApps.

Participation is especially encouraged for peoples and teams who have either already founded a company or are planning to do so in the future.

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