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Solve for Tomorrow: Urban Environmental Protection

How do you envision your future? What role will technology play to build a better and more sustainable future? Collaborate with Samsung to make your ideas about the future society real! We support you in bringing your idea that benefits our society and our environment to life.

WE INNOVATE TOGETHER! Sign up for our free Design Thinking Workshops (Monday, June 20th & 27th) via the tab submission now.

  • ✅ Challenge completed
  • 🏁 Winner
    Congratulations to Street Lightelligence, Ceres and Greentech Engineers
  • 🏆  Rewards
    € 22,500 prize pool + Samsung accelerator program "IMPACT-Phase" + product prizes
Important details
How to

Submission Template

During the qualification phase, the goal is to identify the most promising visionaries and their visions.
To participate, you can choose one or more of the tracks we provided and submit the submission template you can find below!

The submission template is mandatory to participate: Download: Submission Template
Please click here for a German Version of the Challenge. This year you will also be able to submit your idea in German.
Download: German Submission Template

To really highlight your ideas and show Samsung why your Team is the right one for this Challenge, we would advise you to submit a quick Introduction Video (2-3 Mins) and a Pitch Deck for your idea.

Q&A Call

If you have any questions regarding the challenge you are welcome to join our Q&A Call every Thursday from 4:30 - 5:00 pm (CEST). Click here to join during the scheduled time of the meeting.

Design Thinking Workshop

You want to take part in the challenge, but you haven't found an idea that sits right with you? Do you want to elaborate your approach? Do you want to think outside the box? Join one of our two free Design Thinking Workshops of the Urban Environmental Protection Challenge!
You can register for them by clicking here.
In the workshop we will look at problem statements, ideation processes, prototyping and testing by using popular Design Thinking methods.

Examples of possible fields of action and some inspirational questions:


  • How can your idea protect the environment?
  • How can your idea have a real impact on the environment?
  • What can technology do to realize this idea?

Soil sealing

  • How can land sealing in cities be reduced?
  • How can problems caused by land sealing (e.g. flooding) be reduced?
  • What alternatives are there to the existing surface-sealing building materials?

Noise and light pollution

  • What measures can be taken to reduce light and noise pollution?
  • Which building materials can support this?
  • What concepts can be considered in urban development to address the problem?

Urban energy production

  • What electricity production technologies can be used in the city?
  • Which innovative methods of electricity production can reduce dependence on fossil fuels?
  • How can each individual city dweller not only consume energy, but also generate it?

Urban Farming

  • How can urban farming be used as a profitable and scalable model in the city?
  • How can already developed areas be used for urban farming?
  • How can urban farming contribute to making agriculture more efficient?

Autonomous driving / transport in cities

  • What technologies can be used to optimize traffic flow in cities?
  • Which measures contribute to future-oriented urban planning regarding mobility?
  • How can our transport network be adapted to be sustainable and fit for the future?

Trash pollution

  • How can waste separation also be implemented within public spaces?
  • How can waste vandalism (e.g. scooters in rivers) be prevented?
  • How can everyday pollution (e.g. by cigarettes) be prevented?


Social resonance and impact: Benefits society and is anticipated to have a real impact, even up to a global scope.

Creativity and originality: Innovative and has a fresh approach to a problem.

Sustainability: Likely to continue the development and supply after the contest.

Diversity of your team: Does your team unite different skills and perspectives?

Relation to Samsung Electronics: Relevance for Samsung Electronics and potentials to collaborate on the further development.

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