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How do you envision your future? How can novel technologies be utilized in the fields of education, sustainability, health, mobility, social inclusion or new work to create a better future? Take part and collaborate with Samsung to bring your idea that benefits our society & environment to life!

We innovate together!

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    € 22,500 prize pool + Samsung accelerator program "IMPACT-Phase" + product prizes
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The Brief

Growing up from offline to online, Gen Z not only witnessed the appearance of novel megatrends such as sustainability and technology but actively participated in disseminating and identifying with this development - resulting in a purpose-driven, creative, and innovative generation that strives to shape the present and the future for the better.

Today, there are many challenges to solve, and simultaneously, more means to solve them. The past years brought success stories that current challenges can be overcome with the right idea. Supported by the constantly evolving new technologies, today, a simple idea can change into an innovative concept that transfers questions or problems into long-searched answers and solutions. And we want to support you to do that – To Start thinking Today and Solve for Tomorrow. But how?

As technology keeps developing it also gets more accessible to more and more people. Today, every smartphone has 120 million times the computing power of the Apollo onboard computer from the first moon landing. AI is in web applications, and electric cars no longer have remote controls but real passengers.

With the Solve for Tomorrow program, Samsung is aiming towards one goal: to support the tech ideas of Gen Z with their impactful approaches regarding health, education, social inclusion, new work, mobility, and sustainability while using the technologies that can give us solutions that are developing rapidly.

The new application round runs from April to June under this motto: Tech ideas of Gen Next. It allows participants to use all the tools that can help us improve our future: Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT and Machine-Learning that train themselves, or Natural-Language-Processing and Deep-Learning algorithms. Virtual Reality and Metaverse, Web 3 and Blockchain technology, which can provide for a decentralization and thus democratization of the World-Wide-Web, or the Internet of Things (IoT), in which production plants network with their goods, can also be used.

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