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Innovate Sustainable Mobility

The future of mobility must be sustainable! But are we really open to shift to an electrified and sustainable world and stop using vehicles that are responsible for more than 10% of global carbon emissions? We need to change and drive the innovative transformation in industry, infrastructure, society and the combustion culture. If we want to overcome the obstacles and succeed, we need to exploit new digital opportunities. Start your idea engine and drive a major change that makes mobility holistically cleaner, safer, and more sustainable.

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Important details
About Capgemini

Going Electric

The Transport industry is responsible for around 20% of global carbon emissions whereas almost 50% come from personal transportation with cars, motorcycles, buses or taxis. And this number is not including the carbon emissions coming from earlier phases in the value chain of car makers such as supply chain or production.

Internal combustion engines in road traffic are a major contributor to this.

The broad adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is therefore becoming increasingly important as a decisive part of a needed transformation towards sustainable mobility.

Still there are a number of obstacles that we need to overcome.

While car makers with their market position, innovative strength and sustainability objectives continue to play a crucial role, this change also needs to be thought holistically to succeed in the long run.

SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure somehow perfectly summarizes the required transformation and its main actors.
The whole automotive and broader mobility industry needs to shift and needs to integrate new players (e.g., charging operators, batterie manufacturers). But only through innovation, sustainable mobility is possible (e.g., batterie ranges). Successful innovation is user friendly innovation. We need to take the customers with us on the journey towards a sustainable mobility. And finally, infrastructure: Sustainable Mobility is not only a matter for car makers, it affects the whole ecosystem/infrastructure incl. customers, cities, supplier, energy providers.


Capgemini encourages you to develop or apply existing innovative digital solutions that will make the switch from combustion engine to electric vehicle as attractive as possible for the customer.

And this leads us to the Key Question of this Challenge:
How can digital solutions motivate customers/drivers to switch from combustion engines to electric vehicles giving current key obstacles?

To answer the key question, you can focus on prevalent obstacles identified, which primarily describe the concerns and fears of drivers who see hurdles and a lack of opportunities. You can find those in our tab "Important Details". 

Stakeholders that are particular in focus for this challenge are car owners and drivers (B2C), Fleet Managers (B2B) and especially the car makers as we need to take the underlying business model into consideration - people will continue to own their car and we need to find attractive solutions that they switch to sustainable.

Let’s boost the electrification transition together!

Who can participate?

The Challenge is calling students, researchers, professionals, startups and KMUs to accelerate and enable the transition towards electric vehicles by overcoming current obstacles for B2C and B2B customers.

Innovate2030 – SDG9

This Challenge is part of the Innovate2030-SDG9 Innovation Program. The program is jointly initialized by ekipa and its partners from business, politics and society to drive a more digital and sustainable future.

Questions or looking for support?

If you want to talk to someone from our team about your approaches, you need more information or questions arise, you are welcome to attend the weekly Q&A call with one of our project managers or write to us anytime via the chat on this platform to your right.

Time of the Q&A Call: Every Thursday from 04:00pm - 04:30pm (CET)

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