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Digital Heroes Wanted for SAP's Mobile Experience!

Join this challenge to shape people's work lives and be part of SAP's innovation process to lift mobile enterprise solutions to the next level.

Today, mobile devices and a vast multitude of applications are omnipresent across all generations. This leads to people having high expectations on their mobile work environment. To meet these expectations, business-to-business solutions for intelligent enterprises must be rethought. SAP invites you, as a digital thought leader, to discover new high-potential and innovative software solutions for a mobile and future-proof business. Let’s create a mobile experience that truly changes the way we work.

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    EUR 7,000 prize pool + collaboration models + internship opportunities
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The world is constantly changing. Companies across the globe need to adapt and solve challenges at an unprecedented pace. New technologies and digitization create faster, smarter, and cheaper solutions, rising customer expectations constantly. It takes new mobile business solutions to improve people’s lives of today and tomorrow. SAP, as a market leader in enterprise application software for all sizes of businesses and all industries, needs you as a digital hero! Craft new solutions concepts – and bring the mobile business experience to the next level.

The key question is:
Which significant B2B user needs are not being met by today’s mobile software solutions?

Who can participate?

We are calling students, researchers, professionals involved in mobile solutions as well as startups from all over the world to innovate mobile business-to-business (B2B) market. Excluded from participation are SAP employees or their relatives as well as government officials.

Questions or looking for support?

If you want to talk to someone from our team about your approaches, you need more information or if questions arise, you are welcome to book a Q&A call with our project manager, Johanna, or write to us anytime via the chat on this platform to your right.

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