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Drive Transformation towards a Patient-Centric Approach

Regulations, decentralization, and false prioritization interfere efficient innovation processes and useful healthcare. Complex regulations all over the world move the focus away from the patient. Quality and compliance will always be top priority of Getinge, however, our mindset need to be shifted to keeping the patient in the center of everything we do.

Be part of a change management challenge and support Getinge, a leading medical technology company, to develop future-proof management solutions for a more patient-centric innovation approach.

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  • ‚úÖ Challenge completed
  • ūüŹĀ Winner
    Congratulations to Human Digital Twin and Ohospital
  • ūüŹÜ  Rewards
    EUR 5,000 per Challenge + collaboration with Getinge and other program partners + joint Publication
  • ūüĆé Scope

    International - open to participants from all over the world

Important details
About Getinge

Submission Template

For the participation within the HealthTech innovation program, a common submission template is available. This template will help you to structure your ideas and approaches and to find answers to all relevant questions.

The Submission Template is mandatory to submit.

 In addition to this submission template, you will find specific requirements and guiding questions for your use case in the "Guiding Questions" section down below.

You can also complement your submission with prototypes, pitch decks, image and video materials, higher-level concepts, or specific use case-related instruments ‚Äď simply submit these documents along with the submission template via our platform.

Q&A Call

If you have any questions regarding the challenge you are welcome to join our Q&A Call every Thursday from 4:00 - 4:30 pm (CEST). Click here to join during the scheduled time of the meeting.

Guiding Questions

This Challenge is calling for innovative concepts that helps HealthTech companies to put the client and patient in the center of all efforts not regulations ‚Äď while assuring high quality standards in compliance and product safety. 

The following guiding questions are for your inspiration, and it is not mandatory to answer all of them.


Tools and processes

  • Which (digital) Leadership ‚Äútoolbox‚ÄĚ could be used supporting to connect the dots so leaders can actively change the mindset in the organization, remove silo thinking and refocus on clients and patients?
  • Which change strategies towards a mind-shift can be implemented in ongoing processes without disrupting/destroying them?

Communication methods

  • How can we re-focus from regulators on internal process customers, patients, and end customers?
  • Which (inner) communication methods or campaigns could activate the re-focus?

Best practices

  • Which best practices can be shown to inspire the people and demonstrate fluid processes?
  • How can we identify, categorize, and validate best practices in the market and adapt them to our needs?

Training concepts

  • Which training concepts on a digital basis or with technological support can train the people to get a better understanding of the processes?
  • What kind of training or measures help to cultivate the mindset of the members of the organization towards a patient-centric approach?

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