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Spotlight 2050: Revealing the Unseen

Spot a snow leopard": in foresight this is an existing but underestimated phenomenon with a potential to shape the future. Join the rad°hub challenge to reveal a neglected trend or tool that will impact future generations. Why is it crucial? How can we address it today? Submit your snow leopard” to secure your place at the rad°hub event in London, where you can present your snow leopard", influence industry leaders, drive change, and network with forward-thinkers and decision-makers to elevate your career or venture.

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  • 🏆  Rewards
    Exclusive invitation to the rad°hub event: Spark global conversations at the event in London on June 27-28 2024*
  • 🕑  Deadline
    May 13, 2024, 9:59:00 AM
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    If you have questions, feel free to join our Q&A calls

The rad°hub event
How to take part

Spotlight 2050: Revealing the Unseen

Next to the well-known “black swans” – extreme events that occur for the first time in human history – there’s another category of transformative forces. Silent yet powerful trends and innovations that, like „snow leopards”, blend into the background until their time comes.

These are the hidden drivers of future change! In recent years, a few examples of „snow leopards” like digital currencies, lab-grown meat or online-meetings, were lingering around before they went on to redefine our world.

As an innovative and dialogue seeking company, the BMW Group strives to team-up with you to shed light on these hidden phenomena. Embark on an eye-opening expedition to embrace visionary thinking, foster collaborations, and expand your network!

Your task

Uncover trends not yet in the spotlight but essential for our future:
What is the „snow leopard" that you think will play a pivotal role for the generations of 2050? And why should be shed more light on it?

To take part simply submit your identified „snow leopard" via the platform!

  1. Why is it currently flying under the radar, and how might it reshape our future?
  2. What do we need to do to address this snow leopard" already today?

Be bold. Be insightful. There are no constraints on the dimensions you choose to highlight!

Your foresight today could lead to a pivotal discussion at the exclusive rad°hub event. Share your vision for a responsible 2050. 

Further information on how to take part can be found in the submission tab.


As there are certainly developments and phenomena in every area of our lives that have the profile of a „snow leopard", here are some possible examples:

  • snow leopards as physical objects such as "lab meat"
  • those that represent social movements such as "global eco-activism"
  • those that represent specific technologies such as "cryptocurrency"
  • those that have an academic background such as emerging fields of research like "quantum biology"
  • those that affect numerous areas and could mean a completely new way of life for humans and nature, such as AI
  • or something else you want to draw our attention to

* If you participate as a team in the challenge, please note that for organizational reasons only 1-2 representatives of your group can be invited to the rad°hub event.

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