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Joyful Diversity with AI

Diversity is key to innovation. A more diverse, inclusive and equal world is a more joyful world where creativity can emerge & new ideas can flourish. What are your ideas to build trust & equality, to promote inclusiveness & diversity? Accelerate the cultural transformation at the BMW Group & drive the mind-set shift in society - with the integration of intelligent AI solutions! Support the BMW Group and its employees to shape a joyful working environment & an inclusive communication. Together with passion we can make a difference for a better future.

#AIforDiversity #InclusiveCommunication #ModernWorkEnvironment

  • ‚úÖ Challenge completed
  • ūüŹĀ Winner
    Congratulations to Bias Busters & X-Force!
  • ūüŹÜ  Rewards
    Prize pool of EUR 5,000 + funding and collaboration programs + joint paper
  • ūüĆé Scope

    International - open to participants from all over the world

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Submission Template

For the participation within the AI Innovation program, a common submission template is available. This template will help you to structure your ideas and approaches and to find answers to all relevant questions. The submission template is mandatory to submit.

In addition to this submission template, you will find specific requirements and guiding questions for your use case in the "Guiding Questions" section down below. You can also complement your submission with prototypes, pitch decks, image and video materials, higher-level concepts, or specific use case-related instruments ‚Äď simply submit these documents along with the submission template via our platform.

Criteria & guidelines

The solutions should work smoothly and in a promising quality for at least English, ideally also for German and could provide a possibility to be extend for multi-lingual support.

Diversity aspects
The more the merrier: as more aspects of diversity are covered in the solution, the greater the advantage for us.

Ideally the solution should reflect the core parts of the EU AI Act regarding ethics as far as already published here.


Potential Impact

The impact of an AI driven solution supporting gender-neutral language would be enormous. All BMW Group employees and customers could be impacted in this very general and meaningful topic:

  • Employees satisfactions would increase
  • Employees work life experiences would improve
  • Customer decisions of products purchasing can also be highly depended on corporate images and company culture

To have an AI innovation focusing on this topic would also be of great importance to the BMW Group as a company and its corporate strategy:

  • It would help to extend and highlight the importance of diversity of BMW Group from a strategy level to daily work life
  • It would help to integrate the topics into their product
  • The corporate images and customer journey would also be affected in a positive way

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