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Joyful Diversity with AI

Diversity is key to innovation. A more diverse, inclusive and equal world is a more joyful world where creativity can emerge & new ideas can flourish. What are your ideas to build trust & equality, to promote inclusiveness & diversity? Accelerate the cultural transformation at the BMW Group & drive the mind-set shift in society - with the integration of intelligent AI solutions! Support the BMW Group and its employees to shape a joyful working environment & an inclusive communication. Together with passion we can make a difference for a better future.

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  • ‚úÖ Challenge completed
  • ūüŹĀ Winner
    Congratulations to Bias Busters & X-Force!
  • ūüŹÜ  Rewards
    Prize pool of EUR 5,000 + funding and collaboration programs + joint paper
  • ūüĆé Scope

    International - open to participants from all over the world

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Key Areas

This Challenge is calling for the most innovative AI and data-driven solutions that promote diversity, gender shift, inclusion, and equality. The guiding questions/ examples are for your inspiration, and it is not mandatory to answer all of them:

Imagine you are a talent candidate who wants to join the BMW Group for your future development:

  • How can the BMW Group be sure to avoid gender bias?
  • What kind of information would be important for you regarding diversity and gender shift in our job offers?
  • How will this influence your decision?

Imagine you are a potential BMW customer who considers purchasing your first BMW or Mini:

  • How can AI help the BMW Group support diversity and ensure that we anchor diverse language in our public appearance?
  • What aspects from the product advertisements would you consider in your decision-making process? What factors with regard to diversity have impact on your decision?
  • Have you ever noticed any gender bias in any advertisements?

Imagine you are already an BMW Group employee, and you are not sure about how you should best interact with your new colleagues from different countries, with different religious backgrounds or different political, sexual or lifestyle orientations:

  • How can AI help build understanding and improve gender equality and inclusion?
  • Do you think AI can help you out here? And how? 

 These are just a few examples out of many that are waiting for your explorations. We are looking forward to your ideas!


Knowledge Base

Once you have decided which key area (have a look at the Briefing tab again) you want to focus on, you can request additional data from the BMW Group. For example, this could be data from recruiting processes and requirements of positions in the BMW Group or sample data from public communications. Please write an email to our project manager Lidia.

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