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Future Materials

Are you ready to research novel approaches, dive into alternative materials and create more sustainable concepts that replace currently used ones?By delivering prize money, exclusive events, collaboration programs or even funding opportunities our program will enable you to give your career, your solution or your start-up the boost it deserves.
So check out our challenges and Discover Future Materials with us!

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Discover new Systems for the preservation of certified natural and organic cosmetics
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Future of efficient Bio-PE

Deutschland 4.0

Bist du mutig genug, das digitale Deutschland zu gestalten? Mit Deutschland 4.0 wollen wir „mehr Digitalisierung wagen“. Gemeinsam mit wagemutigen Innovator:innen gestalten wir die digitale Zukunft Deutschlands!

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Mystery Waste Box – Wie die Digitalisierung das Rätsel der Abfallzusammensetzung lösen kann
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Digitale Lagerbestandstransparenz – Inventory Finance Innovation
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Local Family – Eine Plattform für Familien in der Region
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Öffentlich-rechtliche Plattform der Zukunft
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Versicherung meets personalisiertes Erlebnis

Digital Future Challenge 2022

Die DFC 2022 fokussiert sich auf die Schwerpunkte „Digitalisierung der Arbeit“ und „Einführung neuer Technologien & Innovationen“ aus dem breiten Aufgabenspektrum von unternehmerischer Verantwortung. Auch das Thema Nachhaltigkeit soll dieses Jahr wieder mitgedacht werden.

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Digital Future Challenge

AI & Data Science Innovation Program

-Registration phase over- Are you ready to analize data, create algorithms and artificial intelligence to simplify data-driven decisions? Then check out the four challenges and join our AI & Data Science Innovation program!

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Joyful Diversity with AI
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Accelerating ESG-related legal research technology
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Accelerating Cyber Intelligence
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The Future of Smart Fleet Planning

HealthTech Innovation Program

-Registration phase over- The HealthTech challenges are in the elaboration phase. From all the ideas submitted, the finalists have been selected. To demonstrate new approaches to solutions for innovative & intelligent healthcare systems & services, the finalists are now working together with the challenge providers to build long-lasting innovation. Participation for this porgram will be open again next year.

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Scale up the Fight against Chronic Diseases
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Digital Healthcare Concierge as a Service
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Drive Transformation towards a Patient-Centric Approach

Solve for Tomorrow: Urban Environmental Protection

-Registration phase over- From all ideas submitted the challenge providers have chosen the finalists. With the Solve for Tomorrow programme, Samsung strengthens digital skills and the start-up mentality of young people while promoting collaboration in diverse teams. The program headed to the elaboration phase where the finalist work together with Samsung to build long-lasting innovation. Participation will be open again next year.

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Solve for Tomorrow: Urban Environmental Protection

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